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PEEK spray series
PEEK spraying

PEEK spraying

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Product packaging:Carton

Introduction:Polyether ether ketone powder electrostatic spraying products have excellent high temperature corrosion resistance, chemical valve and other parts have been successfully used.

  •   Comparison of properties between PEEK coating and fluorocarbon resin coating
  • Rubber industry - tire mold, shoe mold, mold-ball, other rubber products such as mold.
    Chemical industry - the reaction vessel, storage tank, heat exchangers, a stirring rod, environmental engineering waste gas treatment equipment, fittings, valves, pumps and the like.
    Plastic Industry - mold, laminating rollers, embossing rollers, EVA templates.
    Textile Industry - sizing wheel, dyeing and finishing rollers, rollers and other non-woven fabrics.
    Electronics industry - semiconductor factory fire flue Acid, printed circuit boards, plating Arm.
    Food industry - bakery equipment, all kinds of food processing machinery and spare parts.
    Automotive Industry - Free oil lubricated parts.
    Household electrical appliance industry - rice cooker, gas stove, iron, microwave, oven, etc.
    Other industry - garden tools, fasteners, mechanical parts.
  • A.  the raw material pretreatment: Drying
    Requirements must be sufficiently dried, and the production requires the use of the drying hopper.
    Drying conditions: Normal air circulation oven drying hopper and equipment, more than 150 ℃ 5 hours.
    B.  the injection molding conditions

    Main points:
    a. PEEK molding process at high temperature, good thermal stability, degradation rate on temperature, shear rate and temperature insensitive to residence time. Therefore, it is desirable higher material temperature and high-speed injection, mold temperature control should be uniform in the process.
    b.PEEK is a crystalline plastic, thus improve its performance can make it sufficiently crystallized, the mold temperature is generally at least 160 ℃ to can make it sufficiently crystallized. Even without heat treatment , it can be well molded article. If the mold temperature is low or it require higher performance, it can be processed at more than 200 ℃ for 1 hour.
    c. mold and other considerations
    1. due to greater viscosity of PEEK, the nozzle, the gate and the runner should take a larger value, reduced pressure drop during flow.
    2. mold and equipment shall not have sharp corners, grooves, each corner should have smooth transition.
    3. mold runner and the cavity must use abrasion-resistant steels, and by good heat treatment, the cavity and the runner surfaces should be highly polished.
    4. mold design must have a good exhaust system.
    5. mold design and manufacturing must have sufficiently efficient heating systems and insulation systems to ensure that the mold may be heated to a temperature above 160 ℃.
    6. parts should be designed to avoid sharp corners, to arc transition.

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