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The application of PEEK PEEK plastics is full of opportunities and challenges in the field of automobile manufacturing
Release Time:2017-5-19 14:18:12
Processing technology of resin bolt in six corners of PEEK plate
PEEK plate bar six angle resin bolt, mainly used for nail head can not be exposed, the machine parts, fastening force is bigger. It is necessary to make a through hole of the connecting part, and a thread hole is made on the other part, and the inner six angle rotary tool is used in coordination.
Processing technology of resin bolt in six corners of PEEK plate:
Tighten torque, screwdriver and torque wrench when tightening. The recommended tightening torque is 50% of the cracking torque in the applied condition.
Heat resistance and chemical resistance vary with conditions of use, so be sure to test them before use.
When forming, the thread pitch error will occur, so please use the same raw material when you use it. (if the nut is not used, please insert the fitting with the inner thread below 20mm)
The appearance may show some black spots (oily sludge), but it will not affect the function.
The opening at the front of the screw stays at 0.2mm below.
With the production batch and various conditions are different, there may be some discoloration phenomenon.
Stock standards, shapes, and materials used by manufacturers may change without notice.
PEEK plate screw has the advantages of insulation, high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Regular GB screws are stored all year round. Other customers have special requirements, according to customer drawings and samples
Product processing.
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