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2016 ISO internal audit work successfully concluded
Release Time:2016-12-21 9:05:54

     In December 13, 2016, in order to check the implementation of quality and environment management system documents, the management of the enterprise smoothly, so as to gradually improve the management level and product quality of the company, in order to improve the quality of management and environmental system, December 13, 2016 annual ISO audit in our company.

2016 annual ISO internal audit work successfully concluded legislation

    December 13th 9:00 in the morning, the first meeting of the internal audit conference room in the establishment of science and technology, the meeting was presided over by the management representative von Xingwen, general manager Deng Wenquan and the department heads, internal auditors participated in the meeting. At the meeting, the management representative on behalf of Mr. Feng Xingwen informed of the purpose and scope of the audit, the internal auditor reported on the audit department will be reviewed for the project and focus. On the internal audit, the leadership of our company attaches great importance to the internal audit team and internal auditors fully authorized, and the development of a number of new internal auditor. Meeting the requirements for system management and the internal audit, audit departments should work with and appreciate learning attitude with the internal auditor, each department should not only work with the company and the Department, but also to higher standards。
For the first time after the end of the meeting, our internal audit is divided into a plurality of groups of each department on the basis of all provisions of the standard, through on-site viewing, conversation inquiry, access to documents, to confirm the problem of audit of the company all functions of system operation. Each internal auditor performance professional, trial department also provides a positive cooperation。
2016 annual ISO internal audit work successfully concluded legislation

     On the afternoon of December 13th, the internal audit work of various departments came to an end, and the internal audit team organized the last meeting. Management representative, department heads and internal auditors. At the end of the meeting, the auditors in turn announced the audit department audit checklist and submitted the audit opinion. The management representative also asked the Department to issue audit group nonconformity report timely rectification, corrective and preventive measures are in place to be synchronized through continuous improvement work to promote the management of aging, the product quality and environmental management system to a new height, all departments need to further strengthen the implementation of processes, make full use of the scientific quality management and environmental management system, strengthen management, management system, management methods combined, so that the company's management to a new level!

2016 annual ISO internal audit work successfully concluded legislation    The internal audit of the company's comprehensive investigation of the quality of the various systems and environmental systems, in order to improve the quality and environmental system, improve the management level, has played a positive role in promoting.