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PEEK materials processing articles: PEEK rolling bearing cage processing
Release Time:2016-3-28 15:39:05
PEEK materials processing articles: PEEK rolling bearing cage processing
PEEK rolling bearings at work, due to sliding friction caused by bearing heat and wear, especially in high temperature operating conditions, the centrifugal force intensifies the friction, wear and heat, can cause severe burns or PEEK cage fracture, resulting in the bearing can not work normally. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain degree of strength of the PEEK cage material, but also must have good thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, impact toughness, density and linear expansion coefficient is close to the rolling body. In addition, the stamping PEEK holder needs to undergo more complex stamping deformation, but also requires good processing properties of materials. In some of the requirements of the very high above the PEEK cage will be a layer of silver.
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