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PEEK vacuum chuck those notes!
Release Time:2016-3-28 15:28:39
PEEK vacuum chuck those notes!
The use of the EOAT PEEK vacuum chuck (without clamp) case, note that the manipulator's moving speed is not too high, otherwise it will produce a force on the sucker, make the products in the process of rapid rotation in easily fall down. In some cases, you can use a clamp to ensure safe delivery of products. In consideration of the possibility that the product may adhere to the mold, a pneumatic clamp can be installed to solve the problem. When the product surface area is too small or too heavy to use products of PEEK vacuum sucker, also can solve this problem by using clamp.
If the appearance of the product is very strict, then the clip can not be outside the surface. To solve this problem, you can install a sensing circuit. After the confirmation or hold on the sucker clamp sensor products, will give the manipulator to send a signal to the next step. The motility of manipulator and need artificial twisting or warping can make products or to release products and EOAT from the forming zone, circumstances can buy a can of mobile EOAT which does not depend on the manipulator operation of special cylinder, so this problem is improved.
The end tool for in mold labeling can perform three actions: in a limited space, EOAT picks up and inserts the label first, and then marks it in the mold. This operation reduces the size of the device compared to the static labeling device. The last action EOAT is the plastic bottle with a trademark from the mold. In general, the injection molding of automotive parts, with a class of surface products to be extra careful operation. In order to avoid scratches on its surface, it is absolutely necessary to prohibit the use of PEEK vacuum chuck. At this point, you can consider installing a clamp made by acetal on EOAT, it can effectively avoid scratches on the surface of the product.

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