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2016 PEEK applications which industries are more?
Release Time:2016-2-18 17:13:31

       With the rapid development of technology and economy, the domestic industry has achieved great development, the rise of a variety of heavy industries and emerging industries, the demand for materials more and more widely, not only confined to metals, iron and steel, wood and other materials. PEEK engineering plastic material is promoted to the commonly used materials so what have upstart PEEK stick on the properties of let Lichang technology for everyone to share. Li Chang PEEK hotline: 0797-8210668

        PEEK is also a kind of chemical material, PEEK rod is mainly used in the mechanical industry, energy and chemical industry, aerospace industry, automotive industry, medical and health fields. The PEEK bar has high temperature resistance, friction resistance, and is used in bearings, piston rings, reciprocating gas compressor valves. PEEK good corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, so that in the pipeline, valve, pump to realize the ambition. PEEK rod ultra pure water is not contaminated, abroad has been widely used. Domestic products in the F-8 -II aircraft and the Shenzhou spacecraft used on the PEEK trial success. PEEK rod heat resistance, self lubrication and other characteristics, so that it has a place in the automotive industry. It is also used in medicine for human bone, because PEEK is the most close to human bone material, which has the advantages of light weight, no toxicity, high corrosion resistance and so on.

        Excellent exceptional performance, is expected to be a long-term foothold in the high-end industry in the future

       The imported PEEK (PEEK) is a special performance, compared with other engineering plastics has more advantages, it has strong resistance to high temperature, the maximum allowable working temperature in the air between 260 and 310 degrees; good self lubrication, can act on such as sleeve bearing, sliding bearing, seal ring friction requirements strong performance in the field; insulation stability, mechanical properties and excellent corrosion ability, chemicals, flame retardant, water solution.

        The mechanical properties of the imported PEEK bar are excellent because of its toughness and rigidity, and can achieve a balance among them, and it is the strongest resistance to alternating stress fatigue. And it can play a destructive role in addition to concentrated sulfuric acid, the general chemical can not be a threat to it. It has also been proved to be the most ideal electrical insulator, and it remains stable even at high temperatures, high pressures, or any harsh conditions of high humidity. So since the development of production, it has been applied to aerospace, electronics, medical equipment and other high-end industries. Li Chang PEEK hotline:0797-8210668