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PEEK manufacturers under the popular model and color peek board
Release Time:2016-1-24 15:06:18
PEEK manufacturers under the popular model and color peek board
PEEK model and color:
1, PEEK-1000 (brown gray) pure peek resin as raw material to produce PEEK-1000, PEEK level in all the best impact toughness, the best. PEEK-1000 can use the most convenient way of disinfection disinfection (steam, dry heat, ethanol and Y ray), composition of raw materials and manufacturing PEEK-1000 in line with the EU and the United States FDA regulations on food should be, these features make it fit very widely used in medical, food processing industry and... PEEK particle manufacturers
2, PEEK-HPV (black) joined PTFE, graphite and carbon fiber results, so that the PEEK-HPV into a bearing grade plastic. Its superior tribological properties (low friction coefficient, wear resistance, high peak pressure limit) make this level of friction applications become the ideal material.
3, PEEK-GF30 (brown gray) the material filled with 30% glass fiber reinforced grade plastic, PEEK-1000 has better rigidity and creep resistance, and better dimensional stability, ideal structural parts manufacturing. Can bear the fixed load for a long time under high temperature. If PEEK-GF30 is used as a slider, it should be carefully checked for its adaptability, because the glass fiber scratch surface.
4, PEEK-CA30 (black) this material filled 30% carbon fiber, have better mechanical properties than PEEK-GF30 (elastic modulus, high mechanical strength and creep) and more wear-resistant, and carbon fiber reinforced plastic should be 3.5 times faster from thermal conductivity - bearing surface heat than the unreinforced PEEK plastic. Peek rod
Model: 1000/HPV/CA30/GF30
The main producing areas: Germany, the United States, Japan, Switzerland and other places.
Size: bar 3-200MM*1000MM,
Plate: 3-100mmx500/620/1000mmx1000mm
Lichang technology is an independent research and development, production and sales of special plastic (flurorplastic, PEEK) national high-tech enterprises of raw materials. Company is located in Ganzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Ganzhou plant covers an area of about 50 acres; in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other branches and representative offices. The company was founded in 1995, engaged in the development of fluorine plastics and related special plastics, production 20 years. Have the technical team and strong technical accumulation, the company has independent intellectual property patents nearly 20, with a complete and independent research and development center, the center contains all kinds of properties of the laboratory, office of research and development, production of small venues and equipment. The company's main products are PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF and PEEK. Hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629