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Structural materials of PEEK processing equipment in 2016
Release Time:2016-1-24 14:54:36
Mechanical wear is a common problem for all engineering thermoplastic materials, which can be particularly severe when extruded or injected into the material filled with fibers. In the process of processing in order to minimize the abrasion of the screw, barrel and die, should be strengthened. The most common method of reinforcing tool steel is to cover nitride. The technology provides the surface strength required to prevent excessive wear caused by the melt. It is necessary to ensure that the polymer is not cooled and solidified when exposed to the nitride layer. The polymer and nitride layers are often bonded so that they can be lifted from the steel substrate.
The following is recommended for PEEK polymer processing equipment of steel structure material:
D2 tool steel (martensitic chromium tool steel)
Stavax (chromium alloy tool steel)
Hastalloy* (high nickel alloy)
* Hastalloy is a registered trademark of Union Carbide company.
Screw, double metal corrosion and the barrel used in can obtain satisfactory results, but this is not generally required. Should avoid the use of copper alloy, because they may cause degradation of PEEK in polymer processing temperature. Ecru PEEK
The surface of the metal parts used to transport the molten material shall be smooth and highly polished. These parts surface roughness will lead to the increase of the melt adhesive on metal parts, which will prolong the residence time and prevents a polymer flow. PEEK commercial coffee machine high pressure cooker connector hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629