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Advantages of peek in medical devices
Release Time:2016-1-24 14:37:02
Advantages of peek in medical devices
In the field of medical devices, more and more spine surgery, trauma and Department of orthopedics medical products manufacturers began to turn to the use of PEEK. PEEK offers a number of additional advantages compared to typical medical implants such as titanium and cobalt chromium alloys:
(1) the lower elastic modulus can prevent the stress shielding effect, and can maintain the strength of the surrounding bone.
(2) it is not visible in CT and MRI scans, and can be used to evaluate the bone growth and healing process easily by X ray, and in some cases, it can also be realized by resin modification when the implant is needed.
(3) excellent disinfection performance, which can be maintained under the condition of long term exposure to hot steam, ethylene oxide and gamma rays, and can maintain its original properties.
(4) good biocompatibility.
(5) the mechanical properties can be adjusted by adding different additives, including carbon fiber, barium sulfate, and glass fiber to meet different application requirements. For example, the short carbon fiber can improve the friction and wear properties of implantable PEEK polymer, PEEK mechanical strength of continuous carbon fiber reinforcement can be comparable with the cobalt chromium alloy, titanium, stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy strength.
(6) greater design freedom can be easily formed by semi-finished product blank machining, or by injection molding production.
Since 1999 the first grade peek implant for clinical, there have been more than two million pieces with the material of PEEK products are implanted into the human body, put on the market for more than 10 years, with its excellent performance and quality has been widely recognized by many medical equipment manufacturer and surgeon, in the field of spinal fusion has become the industry standard. Years of clinical studies have shown that the presence of implant grade PEEK filled the gaps in the field of biomaterials, is the ideal material for the next generation of implantable medical devices.
The company is committed to medical implant grade poly (PEEK) to build the platform of materials and materials, is committed to the existing industrial base on the successful development of PEEK resin, the use of domestic raw materials and technology, developed in line with the requirements of clinical medical implant grade PEEK resin material, provide medical implant grade PEEK resin with high quality materials for the global medical equipment enterprises.
2, related medical device products
At present, due to the excellent properties of PEEK materials, it can be widely used in the fields of trauma, spine and joint surgery. The specific application is as follows:
(1) spinal surgical implants
PEEK for interbody fusion cage;
Dynamic fixation system for lumbar pedicle screw fixation by PEEK;
Application of PEEK in Lumbar Interspinous implant system;
The application of PEEK in artificial intervertebral disc and artificial nucleus;
(2) joint surgical implants
Application of PEEK in femoral stem prosthesis;
Application of PEEK in hip joint friction interface;
The application of PEEK in hip acetabular prosthesis;
The application of PEEK in other joint prosthesis;
The application of PEEK in arthroscopic suture anchor;
(3) craniofacial related products
(4) dental products
(5) other related products