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PEEK plastic injection molding temperature is how much?
Release Time:2016-1-24 12:21:34
PEEK plastic injection molding temperature is how much?
PEEK plastic injection molding temperature needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation, PEEK manufacturers should be aware that the molding temperature is one of the 5 conditions of injection molding, temperature is about the first of the 5 conditions.
We heard or asked this question when the molding temperature is usually understood as material (PEEK) barrel temperature, in fact about the molding temperature including barrel temperature, mold temperature, room temperature, drying temperature. As the temperature decreases and increases, the activity of the material will change. The speed, pressure orientation, and timing of the injection molding machine need to be adjusted. Therefore, a master machine, in fact, is to master the temperature changes, the nature of the material changes, which is the most difficult. Master the material, then to check the mould in the injection molding process planning, we should have a dream, what time, what materials to speed, in what direction to go, to fine tune exhaust products, such as shrinking of doubt.
Finally, PEEK manufacturers have to say about the PEEK molding temperature, PEEK according to different types of material temperature will change, usually pure material, tube temperature is about 370. With fiber slightly higher temperature 10 to 20 degrees, the mold temperature ratio of almost 180-200 DEG, otherwise the special engineering plastics are not crystal, the late disposal is very cumbersome, deformation will affect the product. Baking temperature should be 160 degrees, bake for about 5 hours.