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Li Chang Technology to teach you to identify the authenticity of PEEK?
Release Time:2016-1-24 12:15:15
Li Chang Technology to teach you to identify the authenticity of PEEK?
Li Chang Technology a lot of preliminary understanding of PEEK customers do not quite understand what PEEK is. Just written to understand the characteristics and functions of PEEK, in-depth understanding is not much. Today, science and technology to tell you how to identify PEEK:
PEEK color recognition: in fact only gray: dark grey black with black: the colors. The other with drill but there is skin yellow gray.
PEEK odor recognition: pure tasteless.
Lichang technology is an independent research and development, production and sales of special plastic (flurorplastic, PEEK) national high-tech enterprises of raw materials. Company is located in Ganzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Ganzhou plant covers an area of about 50 acres; in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other branches and representative offices. The company was founded in 1995, engaged in the development of fluorine plastics and related special plastics, production 20 years. Have the technical team and strong technical accumulation, the company has independent intellectual property patents nearly 20, with a complete and independent research and development center, the center contains all kinds of properties of the laboratory, office of research and development, production of small venues and equipment. The company's main products are PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF and PEEK. Hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629