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PEEK suppliers to share 12 characteristics of PEEK screws:
Release Time:2016-1-24 11:54:17
PEEK suppliers to share 12 characteristics of PEEK screws:
1: high temperature UL certification of long-term use temperature of 260 degrees C. Excellent mechanical properties can be maintained even when the temperature is up to 300 DEG C.
2: wear resistance in a lot of high temperature, high load, strong corrosion and other extremely harsh application environment, PEEK polymer and its composite materials have excellent wear resistance.
3: self lubrication with a low coefficient of friction, oil free lubrication can be achieved, can be in oil, water, steam, weak acid alkali medium, such as long-term work.
4: corrosion resistance, PEEK has the corrosion resistance after PTFE, while addressing the shortcomings of the limited strength of PTFE.
5: high strength in plastic with the best mechanical strength. At the same time, it also has high rigidity and surface hardness.
6: easy processing can be used directly into the process of injection molding parts. For turning, milling, drilling, tapping, bonding and ultrasonic welding processing etc.. 7: hydrolysis resistance in the temperature of more than 250 degrees Celsius in the steam or in high pressure water immersion, PEEK products can still work for thousands of hours without obvious performance degradation.
8: flame retardant without using any additive, 1.45 mm thickness PEEK testchip flammability grade is UL94V-0.
9: low smoke non-toxic combustion smoke and toxic gas is particularly low.
10: electrical performance in a wide range of temperature and frequency, can still maintain a stable, excellent electrical properties.
11: anti radiation has a strong resistance to high doses of gamma ray radiation performance, mechanical properties can be retained intact, can be used as a nuclear device in the radiation resistant parts. 12: dimensional stability is not easy deformation.
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