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PEEK resin has excellent performance and wide application
Release Time:2016-1-24 11:45:23
PEEK resin has excellent performance and wide application
Peek is a kind of linear aromatic compound. Containing aromatic and polar ketone of the macromolecular chain, imparting polymers with heat resistance and mechanical strength; in addition, a large number of large molecules containing ether bond, and endow the polymer with toughness, ether bond more, its toughness is better. It has the following characteristics: high temperature, the thermal load high temperature of 316 DEG C (30%GF or CF, reinforced grades) continuous use temperature is 260 DEG C; excellent fatigue resistance, can be comparable with the alloy material; chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and similar nickel steel it; self lubrication; flame retardant, no flame retardant can reach the highest standards of flame retardant; easy processing, because it has good high-temperature fluidity and high temperature thermal decomposition characteristics, can be made by injection, extrusion, molding and blow molding, melt spinning, spinning and molding, powder spraying; hydrolysis resistance; wear resistance; fatigue resistance; radiation resistance; peeling resistance; good electrical insulation performance.
Peek resin was first used in the field of aerospace, aluminum and other metal materials to replace the manufacture of various aircraft parts. The automobile industry has good anti friction performance and mechanical properties of the PEEK resin as raw material, manufacturing engine hood, is widely used for the manufacture of gaskets, seals, bearings, clutch gear ring and other components in automotive transmission, brake and air conditioning system. PEEK resin is an ideal electrical insulator, in high temperature, high pressure and high humidity and other harsh working conditions, can still maintain good electrical insulation properties, so the field of electronic information has gradually become the second major application areas of PEEK resin. The manufacture of ultra pure water pipes, valves and pumps, in the semiconductor industry, commonly used in the manufacture of wafer carrier, electronic insulation film and a variety of connecting devices. As a kind of semi crystalline engineering plastics, PEEK can not be dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid, almost all solvents, which are often used to make compressor valve, piston rings, seals and a variety of chemical pump body, valve parts.
Lichang technology is an independent research and development, production and sales of special plastic (flurorplastic, PEEK) national high-tech enterprises of raw materials. Company is located in Ganzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Ganzhou plant covers an area of about 50 acres; in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other branches and representative offices. The company was founded in 1995, engaged in the development of fluorine plastics and related special plastics, production 20 years. Have the technical team and strong technical accumulation, the company has independent intellectual property patents nearly 20, with a complete and independent research and development center, the center contains all kinds of properties of the laboratory, office of research and development, production of small venues and equipment. The company's main products are PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF and PEEK. Hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629