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PEEK board can further reduce the burden on the environment, do you believe it?
Release Time:2016-1-24 11:23:33
PEEK board can further reduce the burden on the environment, peek Consulting Hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629
As a new thing, PEEK board biological PEEK board can further reduce the burden on the environment, through which can produce a lighter, more cost-effective car. According to experts, the new material is not easy to be affected by the impact of oil prices, with the growing shortage of crude oil, it will also be more and more people attach importance to. Engineering plastics PEEK, hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629
Compared with traditional materials, the biggest advantage of biological PEEK board is to reduce dependence on the ups and downs of the energy market, we will take it in the life of the seat, if all use soy foam seat cushion, the annual production of only the use of oil will reduce more than 2 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions, but also reduce about nine thousand tons. Special plastics PEEK, Consulting Hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629
At the same time, we can also greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle by using the new material of honeycomb structure, so as to improve the fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions. In addition, take the door as an example, the use of new materials in some models to replace the traditional materials and the door plate, the result than the traditional light weight materials, greatly enhance the silencing effect. And through the use of new PEEK materials to parts production of carbon dioxide emissions reduced by about 1/5, and due to scrap parts through the re release of hot process gases such as carbon dioxide, a new regeneration and return. Composite materials FC30, PEEK particle manufacturers - imported PEEK