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Discussion on the influence of PEEK sealing ring on the sealing enterprises in PEEK
Release Time:2016-1-24 10:24:42
Discussion on the influence of PEEK sealing ring on the sealing enterprises in PEEK
All along, the domestic seal enterprises on their own positioning is not very clear, blind production, lack of docking and cooperation with the host enterprise product matching. Can be said that the vast majority of domestic corporate seal products are only in accordance with the unified standard of mass production, do not care about their products can meet the market host products, the pursuit of the amount of its own factory. PEEK manufacturer, hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629
However, it is difficult to guarantee the mechanical stability of the host application. Although in recent years the industry has made great development, but it is not far from satisfying the needs of the development of other industries of various types of PEEK sealing ring and sealing product standardization and serialization of products, especially compared with the international advanced countries, our products in terms of product quality, or product varieties, has a considerable gap.
PEEK production plant in the industry have pointed out that in order to adapt to the people's increasing demands for environmental protection, ISO14000 standards have begun to attach importance to China enterprises, people on the sealing ring is becoming more and more strict. On the other hand, the new standards bring about the redistribution of the market objectively.
The new more stringent quality standards, will become the biggest obstacle to China's seal exports; and becoming foreign companies into the Chinese market killer. Do not attach importance to technological progress of the enterprise, in the next 5 years will be eliminated.
Seal industry as a whole, the industry output value can not be the same as the country's leader in the machinery industry. But peek sealing ring has a significant impact on the overall performance and service life of mechanical equipment. Therefore, we can only promote the development of the machinery industry by constantly developing and producing high quality sealing products.
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