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Lichang technology PEEK detailed peek seat advantage
Release Time:2016-1-24 10:16:40
Lichang technology PEEK detailed peek seat advantage
Compared with the special sealing requirements of hydraulic valve and ball valve, the development of carbon fiber reinforced plastic type PEEK stainless steel ball valve replacement valve seat, valve seat and valve cone. CF-PEEK (PEEK) high performance polymer can use standard injection molding equipment to handle, the valve seat and the valve cone made of high dimensional stability, and does not increase any cost. Lichang technology is an independent research and development, production and sales of special plastic (flurorplastic, PEEK) national high-tech enterprises of raw materials.
In the manufacturing process of steel seat and valve cone must follow very strict tolerances, and using CF PEEK (PEEK) seat and the valve cone injection molding has a better seat with the performance, therefore, the seat manufacturing need not too fine, thereby saving cost. Because of the density decreases, CF-PEEK (PEEK) hydraulic valve manufacturing dynamic response performance is better than steel solution. On the test bench, the valve can be successfully passed 10 million times 350 bar test (3Hz), the valve can also be used for low pressure applications such as 50 bar. Steel solutions need to be attached to the rubber seal, in order to achieve reliable sealing and low pressure environment, using CF-PEEK (PEEK) scheme is not the demand of polymer. By using CF-PEEK (PEEK) polymer, customers not only to enhance the performance of the hydraulic valve, but also significantly reduces the cost of production. PEEK particles _PEEK manufacturers manufacturer of _PEEK plastic injection _ plus carbon fiber PEEK_ pure PEEK_ resin Lichang technology PEEK
Another important advantage of injection molding is the freedom of design, the use of fluid simulation software (CTD), the maximum flow rate of the new seat and valve cone pressure loss can be reduced by about 20%. At the same time, carbon fiber orientation of injection molded parts can also be optimized in order to obtain a higher mechanical strength, also do not need to spend a lot of time for processing later operation. CF-PEEK (PEEK) has excellent compressive strength, mechanical properties can meet all the requirements. This material has excellent creep resistance and is a prerequisite for extending service life and avoiding functional failure. In addition, it also has excellent resistance to chemicals, and is not sensitive to all hydraulic fluids including flame retardant pressure fluids, water, minerals and biodegradable oils. PEEK particles _PEEK manufacturers manufacturer of _PEEK plastic injection _ plus carbon fiber PEEK_ pure resin PEEK_ Lichang technology PEEK, Tel: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629