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In the end, how wide is the application field of PEEK board? Let the science and technology to tell you!
Release Time:2016-1-23 19:03:00
In the end, how wide is the application field of PEEK board? Let the science and technology to tell you!
You may not be able to imagine the PEEK stick in the aerospace, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food processing industry is very common application, just to tell you that PEEK technology is so strong!
1, the application of mechanical industry
Because PEEK has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance, many domestic and international equipment parts, such as bearings, piston rings, reciprocating gas compressor valve plate and other widely used PEEK.
2, energy and chemical applications
High temperature, high humidity, radiation resistance and other excellent performance in the field of energy, chemical industry, nuclear power plant has been widely used.
3, the application of electronic information industry in the world which is the second largest field of PEEK, the amount of about 25%, especially in terms of transportation of ultra pure water, pipes, valves and pumps produced by PEEK, in order to make the ultra pure water caused by pollution, has been widely used in foreign countries.
4, aerospace industry applications
Because of the comprehensive performance of PEEK is superior, since 90s, has been widely used in aerospace products, domestic products in the F-8 -II aircraft and the Shenzhou spacecraft on probation success. PEEK for aerospace applications
5, automotive industry applications
Energy saving, weight loss, low noise has been an important indicator of the development of automotive requirements, PEEK light, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, self-lubricating and other characteristics just to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Gear material PEEK, Consulting Hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629
6, the application of medical and health fields
PEEK in addition to the production of some precision medical instruments, the most important application is the alternative metal production of artificial bone, with light, non-toxic, corrosion resistance strong, can also be combined with organic body, is the most close to the human bone material.
PEEK plate stick in the aerospace, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food industry are very widespread application, such as gas on the satellite instrument board member, a heat exchanger blade; because of its superior tribological properties, has become an ideal material in friction applications, such as sleeve bearing, sliding bearing, valve seat, sealing ring, pump wear ring. Parts with various production lines, liquid crystal semiconductor manufacturing device components, inspection device parts, jig for manufacturing, atomic energy related parts, electronic components, precision machine parts, food processing line related parts, parts related chemical mechanical equipment, welding machine parts processing Machinery Association Association, gold plated parts, metal surface treatment PEEK Axis Parts Association adiabatic, components etc.. Engineering plastics PEEK, hotline: 020-36536603/36536631/36536629