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What are the precautions for the installation of PEEK joints?
Release Time:2016-1-23 18:51:37
The PEEK connector installation lost, was scolded by the boss? Doubt your IQ? Li Chang PEEK to bring you a new study under the installation of the PEEK joints note:
PEEK joint installation, there are a number of considerations need to be cautious, the first thing to note is the clockwise rotation of the left, counterclockwise rotation when the right choice.
First, the preparation of PEEK joint before installation and precautions
Check the use of rotary joint type, specifications are correct, and with the use of machines and pipeline connecting parts is the lack of (Guan Duan).
Rotary joint of hollow shaft with thread, thread should check whether the rotation direction of a rotating body rotating in the opposite direction, whether or not the same size.
Two, PEEK connector installation sequence
Rotary joints should be installed according to the requirements of the installation instructions, otherwise the sealing performance and life will not be fully used.
Assembly and installation of 1, one-way rotating joint and equipped with equipment
When the hollow shaft and the rotating body equipped with screw connection, usually in the thread or soft white oil coated film with tool clamping (usually a mandrel Ning design using the wrench jaws of the rotating body plane) is screwed into the threaded hole center, until now.
When the hollow shaft and the rotating body with flange connection, should be extended out of the flange end of the hollow shaft of a uniform thickness of gasket, then is equipped with rotating body end of the mating portion and the screw, fixed with bolts, fastening bolts, diagonal fastening should tighten torque, finally, should be the same.
2, the two-way tube fixed rotary joint connected with the outer tube and the rotary body and the one-way rotary joints of the same. The difference is the installation of the inner tube.
The inner tube is connected with the rotary joint cover generally adopts and pipe thread connection taper pipe thread, which is connected with a rotating body with the opposite rotation direction, using thread or rotary body connected with the same rotation direction and the outer tube. The outer pipe flange connection with the inner pipe and the end cover are connected by screw threads, sometimes with nut inner tube end is locked in the end cover.
The PEEK connector installation will be within the tube by the outer tube end of the screw hole is screwed on consolidation inward rotating joint end cover, and the inner tube into the cavity with the rotating body, the siphon suction elbow nozzle should be adjusted, Zhenghong down, and then the outer tube and the rotary body with fixed connection assembly.
3, double tube rotary type rotary joint with the outer tube and the rotary body are connected and assembled with the same one-way rotary joint, the difference is in the pipe installation.
In the installation of the outer tube before the inner tube and equipped with rotary body assembly. The structure of the inner tube and matched with the rotating body generally adopts threaded connection, the rotation and rotation of the body with the opposite rotation direction.
Remove the cover when the rotary joint, between the inner and the outer tube with packing seal, packing gland, pin should be to stop (some rotary joint design this part) removed, try different loose packing, or remove the filler, and then the inner tube of the outer tube is in the center of the outer tube is fixed. Connected with the rotating body with. Then according to the order of the original open tube will reverse the packing gland and an end cover assembly.
In 4, and not equipped with fluid conveying pipes and pipe fittings connection should do the following work:
With the hands or tools of the rotary joint housing, check whether the rotating flexible, or need to find the reasons and the adjustment.
Equipped with ball bearings and lubrication grease adding and discharge hole, should check whether the oil hole is upward, the drain hole in the next, and check through the grease cup in the handling process is broken or blocked.
Check and adjust the flow of fluid into or out of the pipeline position and the corresponding hole corresponding to the rotary joints and meet the design requirements.
Assembly of the rotating joint and the lifting structure of the rotary joint, and adjust the concentricity of the shell and the hollow shaft.
5, according to the installation instructions for the use of rotating joints assembled flexible metal hose (or other flexible hose) and other related pipe fittings, and with the transmission fluid pipe connection fixed.
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