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Warmly celebrate Zhu Lichang Technology eligible for high-tech enterprises
Release Time:2015-11-4 15:20:27
According to "high-tech enterprise management approach" (Guokefahuo [2008] No. 172) and the "high-tech enterprise management guidelines" (Guokefahuo [2008] No. 362) the relevant provisions, upon application, Jiangxi Province High-Tech enterprise management Office (hereinafter: the provincial office identified high) organization of expert review and other procedures, recently, but also a time can be credited milestone Lichang Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Ganzhou), Division I won the "National High-Tech Enterprise "I find.
    This is the second company was "high-tech enterprises in Jiangxi Province" since another major breakthrough, both in the company's image publicity, product marketing and an expanding also, or the company, have been greatly improved, which company cultural ideas and long-term customer support is withheld, closely related. And recently won the "national high-tech enterprises" that, will also play an indelible role in the course of the future development of the company.
    Successful "National High-Tech Enterprise", is the government Lichang Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd., the development of performance after the establishment of the support and recognition, but also for customers and the community's concern and support Lichang Technology. "National high-tech enterprise" certificate, meaning it represents not just a paper certificate, but the company's development put forward higher requirements further, not only for the morale of all staff Lichang Technology has a great promotion, but also the company's prospects for the future full of confidence.