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Lichang company unveiled the first Asian Rubber Exhibition
Release Time:2015-5-25
CHINAPLAS 2015 Chinaplas May 20th -23 was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition center.
Chinaplas 2015 Chinaplas called first in Asia, the world's second plastic industry event, has attracted from the global plastics industry exhibitors, Li Chang for three consecutive years and Gongxiangshengju together made very good display effect.
The exhibition display products related to aerospace, equipment, environmental protection, energy saving, electronic wire and other engineering plastics products, Li Chang PEEK series products have attracted a large number of intent to come to consult customers.
Li Chang sales staff to explain the product performance and characteristics for the intention of customers
PEEK product application advantage:
1, in aerospace, PEEK material can replace aluminum and other metal materials to manufacture various aircraft parts, the use of its excellent flame retardant performance, can be used to manufacture aircraft interior parts, in order to reduce the extent of the damage of aircraft fire.
2, in the electronic appliances, PEEK material has excellent electrical performance, is the ideal of electrical insulation, in high temperature, high pressure and high humidity and other harsh working conditions, can still maintain good electrical insulation.
3, in medical terms, the PEEK material in addition to the production of high sterilization requirements, the need to repeatedly use the operation and dental equipment and production of some precision medical equipment, more important application is to replace metal production of artificial bone.
4, in the source of power, the PEEK material has high temperature resistance, and not easy to hydrolysis, and radiation, so it is used in the production of wire and cable coil skeleton, etc. have been successfully used in nuclear power plant.
5, in the oil exploration and mining industry, can be used for the manufacture of special geometric dimensions of the machinery involved in the probe.
6, in the machinery industry, peek materials used to produce textile and packaging machinery of bushings, bearings, roller, am nut; compressor valve plate, piston ring, sealing parts and all kinds of chemical pump body, valve components.
7, in the automotive industry, the use of PEEK material good friction resistance and mechanical properties, can be used as a metal stainless steel and titanium substitute for the manufacture of engine hood, automotive bearings, gaskets, seals, clutch gear ring and other components, in addition to the car's transmission, brake and air conditioning system.
8, in the paint, the PEEK fine powder coating on the metal surface, can be obtained with good insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, water resistance of metal PEEK powder coating products, widely used in chemical anti-corrosion, home appliances, electronics, machinery and other fields.
In 9, PEEK also can be used in the manufacture of liquid chromatograph with packed column and connected with super slim.