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2015 Russian cable show perfect ending, Li Chang Technology harvest
Release Time:2015-5-22
This was a successful Russian tour. Before the exhibition, the exhibitors carefully arranged the venue, showing the excellent product of the science and technology. Including FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, PEEK and other products.
From global visitors flocked, opposition Chang technology products showed strong interest, Chang staff patiently explain Li Chang superior products and services company philosophy.
The guest from Russia, through the communication with the Li Chang staff, to understand the excellent quality and technology, perfect after-sales service system, the success of a cooperative intention.
After four days of busy, Li Chang science and technology to participate in the 2015 Russia international cable and wire exhibition was successful, will have the honor to get to know a lot of friends in the world to enhance communication and understanding, but also let Li Chang Technology product quality and corporate culture has been a very good show and interpretation.