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Legal Notices

All information on the site (including the site of the site) are subject to the Trademark Law of the people's Republic of China, the patent law of the people's Republic of China, the relevant regulations, regulations, normative documents and international conventions relating to the protection of the rights of the trademark, patent or other property rights, ownership of copyright owners, users do not enjoy copyright. Where the use of the information provided by this website is deemed to be an acceptance of the license agreement with the product.
It is strictly forbidden to change, issue, copy, reprint and distribute the information that has been published in the website. If you need to publish, copy, reprint or distribute the information, please submit a written request to the company. The company will determine the scope of the license, the use of methods, etc.. Without the written permission of the company and issue, copy, reprint or distribute the information posted on this website are deemed to be infringing, the website has the right to pursue the tort liability through legal means.
Website ownership
The site is the technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd., Li Chang Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. has a domain name, copyright, trademark, patent, and all rights or other property rights related to the content of the site.
Information dissemination and responsibility
The information released by this website is published by the owner and its subsidiary company, which is the "real" principle. The publisher has no guarantee or other guarantee to the information of the website. The publisher is trying to make sure that the site is published in absolute, timely, accurate and complete, but does not make any warranty or guarantee for the publication of the information, and shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused by the use of the website and related contents without further notice. Any consequences and responsibilities caused by the use of the information provided by the website shall bear the responsibility of the user.
You can visit the site around the world, but the site does not guarantee that the information, content or application of the released information to your country. Information, content and application of this website may not be permitted or used in certain countries or areas of jurisdiction, please make sure to visit the website will not violate any laws and regulations of your jurisdiction.
This site is not responsible for any inconvenience and loss caused by the suspension of services due to line, hardware failure, system maintenance, system upgrades, or other force majeure.
This website is due to computer hacking, computer virus intrusion, hardware facilities damage, or due to government behavior, judicial enforcement requirements and cause personal information leakage, loss, theft or tampering, etc., this site does not assume any responsibility.
Links to other sites
In order to provide visitors with convenience, the site will allow visitors to visit other sites regularly through the site link. For other sites to enter through the site, the site will not assume any responsibility, nor the quality of these sites, the nature or reliability of any guarantee. The act of providing the site link to the site shall not be deemed to provide content to the site or the content of the link site to the site content. This website can be judged and kept the right to delete any hyperlink without notifying any third party.
Website reply and responsibility
Please note that the visitor to the site's information or reply will not be kept confidential. To visit the site to send the information or replies, as visitors to the site or its affiliates have made use, replication, dissemination and modification of the irrevocable and unrestricted authority, and deemed to agree to the site to include in the information and replies in any plan or concept for any purpose, but, unless the law requires or allows visitors to allow, the site will not disclose the true name of the visitors. At the same time, this site does not take any responsibility for any problem caused by the reply.
Visitors to the site to publish or deliver the message, reply to the people's Republic of China's laws, regulations, regulations, do not publish or link to the political, damage system, pornographic, feudal superstition, personal attacks and other illegal information, do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others, otherwise the site has the right to delete the category of visitors to send or publish information, and cancel its registration qualifications. If any criminal or civil disputes are caused by the publication of a visitor, the publisher shall bear the responsibility of the criminal, civil or economic law, and at the same time, the website has the right to claim compensation for any loss caused by the publication of such illegal acts.
Spam prevention strategies
The website of the company and its affiliates to pursue the "no spam" policy, the commitment will not sell or rent customers, potential customers or Web visitors personal information, pay attention to the protection of personal privacy.
Applicable law
Operation and management of the website of the people's Republic of china. All the people on the website reserves the right to change the information materials and the legal claims of this website at any time. It is recommended that you visit this website regularly to understand the latest legal statement. This statement is not related to the issue of the relevant state laws and regulations and related regulations, rules, etc., when the statement and the national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations prevail. To log in any way to the site or directly and indirectly using the site visitors, are deemed to be voluntary acceptance of the site's statement.
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